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Thousands of Americans have fallen victim to stalkware planted on their smartphones by someone they know – and an Android app is collecting and storing their personal information.

TechCrunch obtained leaked data from the app, TheTruthSpy, which has a database teeming with personal information like call logs, text messages, location data, and passwords from users across the US.

TheTruthSpy, which launched in 2019, markets itself as a way for people to surreptitiously monitor the communications of their spouses. 

Mapping software revealed the app captured 278,861 location data points from Americans over the course of six weeks – a total of 608,966 worldwide.

The database also held 1.2 million text messages and 4.42 million call logs, which included the duration of calls and the name and phone numbers of contacts. 

TheTruthSpy has been the center of several data dumps, including one in June when the app was found to expose images of children and other personal photos from victims’ personal devices.

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