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A Houston rabbi who gained fame on social media for adopting nine boys as a single father was arrested after one of his sons accused him of years of sexual abuse.

Hayim Nissim Cohen, 38, was charged in February with sexual assault and continuous sexual abuse of a child under 17 years old, after one of his sons called into a podcast to report the alleged abuse.

The 17-year-old boy alleged Cohen had abused a number of his brothers, and at times threatened to kill them if they ever revealed the abuse. Six of Cohen’s children were since removed from the home and placed in protective care.

It was not the first time Cohen had been accused of assault. He was out on bond over a 2019 case in which he was accused of sexual contact by a student, now 20 years old, who was staying with Cohen during an exchange program from Spain.

Cohen has also been accused of faking his Orthodox Jewish heritage and his alleged disabilities. He regularly poses for photos while hooked up to an oxygen tank and in a wheelchair. 

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The unnamed boy called in to a podcast recording on February 1 and accused Cohen of sexual misconduct, and used the word ‘rape’ to describe the abuse he said he had experienced since he was adopted at 11. 

He said he used a burner phone to avoid detection from Cohen, and that he was planning to wait until he was 18 to report the abuse to the police. He said he wanted to remain anonymous until then out of his fear of Cohen.

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