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Through this executive order, the president is abusing the power of his office and using taxpayer-funded resources to transform federal government agencies into get-out-the-vote machines for the left.

When it comes to elections, the U.S. Constitution is clear: Determining their time, place, and manner falls squarely upon the shoulders of the state legislatures with limited oversight from Congress. Nowhere is the president granted the power to regulate elections.  

Yet through Executive Order 14019, President Joe Biden has ordered federal agencies to engage in overtly political activities that will affect elections, while violating the Constitution and federal law in the process. 

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The bad news is this executive order brings the threat of federal election interference to every state’s doorstep. And with the countdown to 2024 well underway, time is running out to stop Team Biden’s scheme. The good news is Congress and the states can stop the threat if they work together and work quickly.  

In one of his first acts after taking office, Biden signed Executive Order 14019, titled “Promoting Access to Voting.” His order commanded every federal agency to use taxpayer-funded resources to engage in voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts. These are overtly partisan activities reserved for political parties, not the government.  

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