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Black residents are leaving many crime-ridden U.S. cities in the North in favor of suburban areas in the South, according to The Wall Street Journal.

U.S. Census Bureau estimates released on Thursday revealed that black residents are leaving cities in the North and West that have a historically high black population, including Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Oakland, according to the WSJ. The residents are reportedly fleeing to suburban and “high-growth” areas to escape rising crime and find better neighborhoods.

“I was tired of the gunshots, the sirens,” Mary Hall-Rayford, a retired teacher who moved from Detroit to neighboring Eastpointe, Michigan, in 2012, told the WSJ.

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Khary Minor, who grew up in South Philadelphia, told the WSJ that nearly 5% of his barbershop customers left the city since the pandemic began and crime increased. He’s been looking for a place to live in suburban Darby, Pennsylvania.

“Better school district, nicer neighborhood, there are not people out on every corner,” Minor told the WSJ.

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