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Coast Guard admits it may not be able to rescue five people on board the missing Titanic tourist sub even IF they find it

The US Coast Guard has given the bleak warning that it may not be able to rescue the missing Titanic tourist sub even if it is able to find it.

The Titan submersible has been missing since 9.45 am on Sunday morning after being launched into the Atlantic at 8 am.

At 12,500ft underwater, there are few vessels able to dive deeply enough to find it.

The only ones able to search the ocean floor are remotely operated vehicles. They are currently on their way to the site.

‘Even with that amount of time left, if you were to find the submersible at this moment, would that give you enough time to save those five people on board?’ Captain Frederick was asked.

‘I don’t know the answer to that question… all I know is we will do everything within our power to effect a rescue.’

If they find the sub, getting it to the surface is another feat entirely, requiring specialist equipment that is not yet on-site.

‘This is a very complex search and the unified team is working around the clock to bring all available expertise and assets available to solve this very complex problem,’ Frederick added.

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Five people on board the Titanic submersible ‘had approximately 40-41 hours of oxygen left

Captain Jamie Frederick with the Coast Guard said the occupants of the missing Titan submersible have about 40-41 hours of oxygen left on the vessel.

The Coast Guard is holding a press conference today in Boston. 

The sub was on its way to view the Titanic wreckage nearly 13,000 feet down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada when it lost communication with its mothership and vanished. 

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