I actually just sent my kids out the door this morning minutes ago with two masks,’ says Today show correspondent.

Source: NwoReport

A Today show segment giving back-to-school advice to parents told them to double mask children returning to classes.

Overhyping the Covid omicron variant amid a return to school from winter break, NBC consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen ridiculously advised parents to obstruct children’s breathing with cloth masks layered over surgical masks.

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“Hey, Vic, the kids are back in the classroom, at least the overwhelming majority of them. What’s the recommendation for our youngest learners?” a panel asked Nguyen.

“Okay, so we talked to Dr. John Torres about this because I actually just sent my kids out the door this morning minutes ago with two masks,” she responded.

After describing how certain masks are better than others, Nguyen told parents to purchase “kid-sized surgical masks” because their children are better, and advised them to layer a cloth mask over it.

“So you really want to make sure you have one that fits your child’s face and you want to layer the cloth mask over that mask. So the surgical mask goes on first and then the cloth mask.”

“If you can’t do that, surgical mask alone. Dr. Torres says least good, but better than nothing, the two-layer cotton mask that fits your child. The best match certainly is the one that your child will wear and keep on the whole day when they’re in the classroom,” the fake news reporter concluded.

The Today show is evidently ignoring statements from CNN “health expert” Dr. Leana Wen, who recently said cloth masks are “little more than facial decoration,” and criticized them as “not appropriate for this pandemic… because we’re dealing with something that’s airborne.”

While some studies have claimed masks work to prevent virus spread, other studies have outright rejected their effectiveness at stopping the transmission of respiratory viruses.

On top of that, data from the CDC’s own website shows children aged 0-17 have an extremely low risk of dying from Covid, with a survival rate of about 99.9997%.

It’s high time parents wake up to the Covid scam attempting to enslave the next generation.