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In recent times, beef, a cornerstone of American cuisine, has come under siege from various fronts, prompting the launch of Whole Cows, a veteran-owned, America First beef company. Their mission is clear: to combat threats to traditional beef consumption. Whole Cows offers premium long-term storage beef, providing seven compelling reasons for Americans to stock up:

  1. Rise of “Alternatives”: Billionaires like Bill Gates and organizations like the World Economic Forum are heavily backing “beef alternatives” such as lab-grown and insect-based meats, seeking to dominate the market.
  2. Skyrocketing Steak Prices: Meat prices, particularly beef, have seen significant increases, impacting steak lovers with a 5.5% year-over-year rise and a 2.7% monthly surge in beef steak prices.
  3. Quiet Push for mRNA Injections in Cows: An underreported push to inject cattle with mRNA vaccines threatens the industry. This practice, previously applied to American pigs, may soon extend to cattle.
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  1. Normalization of Climate Change Hysteria: The belief that cows harm the environment due to their methane emissions is being used as a tool by certain groups to control the masses and push their agenda.
  2. Threats to the Food Supply Chain: Bird flu and unexplained cattle deaths, coupled with “accidents” in food processing plants, pose a significant threat to the food supply chain.
  3. Quality of “Prepper” Beef: Whole Cows sets itself apart by offering high-quality freeze-dried beef made from premium cuts like Ribeye, NY Strip, and Tenderloin, ensuring a pleasant eating experience, whether for emergencies or daily use.
  4. Supporting a Veteran-Owned, America First Company: Whole Cows, headquartered in Texas, is a veteran-owned company committed to preserving the quality and taste of beef for the long term through their unique processing methods.

Whole Cows’ approach involves sous viding and freeze-drying beef cubes, which are then stored in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. This meticulous process ensures a shelf life of at least a decade, with some products remaining fresh for up to 25 years without refrigeration.

In conclusion, Whole Cows provides a solution for Americans concerned about the future of beef consumption. By offering premium long-term storage beef and addressing various threats to the industry, they aim to secure access to high-quality beef for years to come.