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RUSSIA IS WEAK: In his second day of testimony on Capitol Hill, this time before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Gen. Christopher Cavoli, NATO’s supreme commander, gave several indications that Ukraine’s much-ballyhooed coming counteroffensive needs to launch before Russia is able to rebuild its beleaguered forces.

For Ukraine’s counteroffensive to succeed in retaking significant territory from dug-in Russian troops, its forces “have to be better than the Russian force they face,” Cavoli testified before the committee. “There are great weaknesses in the Russian force they face right now. Those weaknesses are temporary, and the Russians will improve their posture and their capabilities over time.”

Timing is a critical factor in success, Cavoli said, along with the “enemy’s capabilities.” And the general revealed a little more about the close coordination between the U.S. and the Ukrainian general staff in devising a concept of operations.

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“We went into a planning process with our Ukrainian colleagues last winter, and we developed with them a number of courses of action, wargames them carefully, and when we came down to the key courses of action for an offensive, we calculated the amount of equipment and the various types that they required,” Cavoli told the senators. “We have fulfilled that. We have nearly gotten everything into Ukraine, and I am confident they have what they need for the offensive that we have planned with them.”

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