Refugees have been one of the biggest topics of debate the entire election season. The Democrats want to welcome every single one of them into the United States. You can see why that is a bad idea.

The refugees that are coming over are mainly comprised of military aged fighting men and they are mostly Muslims. And we have seen the damage that they can cause. Just look at what is happening in Germany.

They have been accepting refugees for a long time. And the country has experienced terrorist attack after terrorist attack. Not to mention that the refugees are living off of what the government gives them and not bothering to clean up their image.

And this is what the Democrats want. They want the United States to accept as many refugees as possible so they can live off of the government. Some places in the United States are beginning to fight back.


Waterford Township trustees in Oakland Country, Michigan have passed a resolution saying that they don’t want to accept any refugees from Syria! They won’t accept any refugees until the program “has been significantly reformed.” And the vote was UNANIMOUS!

The resolution specifically stated: “[T]he Charter Township of Waterford will not actively participate in the Refugee Resettlement Program until the Program has been significantly reformed, and until it has been demonstrated that the Townships of Oakland County have the capacity to absorb refugees without diverting funds from needy residents or exposing their residents to unwarranted security risks.”

Waterford Township has a population of a little over 70,000 people and it is the center of Oakland County. That has a population of just about 1.2 million people. It passed before the Thomas More Law Center said that it would represent the state of Tennessee in its lawsuit against the federal government.

Tennessee is suing the government based on the Tenth Amendment over the operation of the refugee resettlement program by the federal government. This also means that the government is most likely going to be sued by the citizens of Oakland County as well.

The local CBS television affiliate in Detroit reported on this resolution. “The resolution, which has been pushed b the Oakland County Association of Township Supervisors, states that the federal Refugee Resettlement Program creates significant financial burdens for communities to meet the needs of the refugees, WWJ.”

Some of the residents agreed wholeheartedly with the decision. “We’ve got so many people who need jobs in Waterford, what are you gonna do with the refugees that come in here? You’re gonna feed them, you’re gonna clothe them, you’re gonna house them. We can’t afford that; we’ve got veterans that need help.” These people are also concerned about the risks that the refugees would bring to the state.

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There are several risks that the refugees bring to the table. Arguably the biggest issue is that these people are coming from areas that have a tremendous amount of terrorist activity. And the worst part about this is the fact that the State Department doesn’t properly check to make sure that these people are who they say they are.

So it’s not a surprise that the residents of Waterford County don’t want to have refugees in their area. The State Department even admitted that they sometimes let people in based on their story alone. That means that they could tell the sappiest story ever and some Democrats are going to instantly believe it.

Then guess what is going to happen? There are going to be terrorist attacks that happen in the United States because of these refugees. Innocent people are going to get hurt simply because the Democrats didn’t properly check them.

But it isn’t only the terrorists that the people have to watch out for. Lately there have been more and more reports coming out that these refugees are infected with tuberculosis. There have been nearly 300 reported cases in Minnesota alone.


That means that the people that come over are going to have weakened immune systems and they are going to possibly infect other people with this disease! Or they are going to contract something much worse than tuberculosis, although that specific disease involves coughing up BLOOD.

Basically the bottom line is that these refugees are not being properly checked by the State Department to see if they are a terrorist or if they are at risk for catching a deadly disease. It’s either that or they are going to come to the United States and start infecting the native residents of the county.

Since some of these people could potentially be a part of the terrorist group ISIS, they need to checked out. Yet our president seems to be doing whatever he can to make sure that ISIS can survive. In fact Obama has said that he doesn’t like the fact that the Russian president is bombing ISIS. He doesn’t like it to the point where he is almost calling for war.

It’s not only Obama that is protecting ISIS. Hillary Clinton has been arming ISIS as well. She has been well aware of the fact that Saudi Arabia is a nation that is arming and funding the terrorist group. So what does she do? She goes and gives this country WEAPONS that they can give out to ISIS! What a phenomenal way for a potential president to act.

Share this article if you are proud of the citizens of Waterford Township. They are taking a stand against President Obama and the refugees that might come into the country. Until the State Department can properly make sure that the refugees are not going to harm the natural citizens, then they have no right to be in this country. This includes if they are members of ISIS or if they have a high risk for diseases that could spread into an epidemic.