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(Natural News) The Environmental Working Group (EWG) named its “dirty dozen” produce items this week highlighting the most dangerous produce items on the market when grown conventionally. And some of the items on the list may shock you since they are widely regarded as healthy “superfoods.”

Unless produce is grown cleanly without pesticides and herbicides and is laboratory tested, it can be risky to consume to some degree because it might be chock full of hidden chemical poisons that are unseen to the naked eye.

Mind you, EWG’s dirty dozen produce items are especially dangerous when grown in the United States due to lax regulations surrounding the spraying of deadly chemicals on crops. If grown elsewhere in the world, many of these foods are likely safer and less tainted than their American-grown counterparts, even when grown conventionally.

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For their research, EWG looked at 46 different produce staples. Overall, the organization found that 75 percent of freshly grown produce in the U.S. contains some degree of harmful pesticide residue, which is deeply concerning.

The worst offenders, just like dirty dozen lists from previous years have shown, are among the healthiest fruits and vegetables when grown cleanly. In this case, though, these conventionally grown produce items are risky to consume because of the hidden chemicals they contain.

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