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A freight train derailed in Crawford County, Wisconsin, on Thursday, sending two locomotives into the Mississippi River, according to BNSF Railway.

The derailment occurred on the eastern edge of the Mississippi River, near De Soto, around 30 miles south of La Crosse.

BNSF Railway said in a statement that two of the three locomotives and an unknown number of cars derailed on the bluff side of the river.

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The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office said on its Facebook page that there was no need to evacuate.

According to Lena Kent, a spokesperson for the railway, none of the railcars involved in the incident contained hazardous materials. Some of the cars that derailed on shore contained paint and lithium-ion batteries. “The volumes involved don’t pose a risk to the river or the communities,” she said.

A boom would be placed in the impacted areas, Kent said.

All crew members were accounted for, with one receiving a medical evaluation.

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