Posted BY: Robyn Dolgin

Kayla Lovdahl is the perfect test case as a 13-year-old who was approved for “transgender surgery:” She could not conceive, at the time, of the possibility of suffering a lifetime of disfigurement and chronic pain.

Ms. Lovdahl, now 18, has retained an attorney, Charles Limandri, who has employed such emotionally charged words as “barbaric and cruel” to describe the medical team’s actions in causing his client deep physical and emotional wounds.

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Essential to his case is the claim that Lovdahl was hopelessly ignorant of the statistical reality that nearly half of the trans surgeries result in serious and life-threatening complications. How can a 13-year-old grasp what it means to remove perfectly healthy breasts (in a female-to-male transition)?

Sanitizing the language, Lovdahl was informed she could opt for “top” and/or “bottom surgery.” She had never heard of the term “double mastectomy” as she was wheeled into surgery for what the medical team had described as “top surgery.” Her harrowing surgical experience was spared “bottom” mutilation.

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