Source: Breitbart

White House officials will stage an event on Wednesday to denounce the popular state bills that are being passed to protect children and athletes from pro-transgender activists, teachers, and Democrats.

The event will “highlight the hopes, joys, and success of young transgender and nonbinary people across America,” said a June 29 report from

But Biden “is throwing our women and girls under the bus,” responded Terry Schilling, the president of the American Principles Project. He told Breitbart News:

The fact that they are hosting an event where they are weaponizing gender-confused children against women’s rights is downright evil. I never thought I’d miss having President Obama, but at least he only sued Catholic nuns and didn’t go after all of our girls. President Biden is a disgrace.

The report said the White House will use the June 30, 7:00 p.m. event to portray the establishment-backed, lavishly-funded, media-backed, pro-transgender child activists as the victims of the GOP’s popular child protection laws.

The convening is specifically focused on transgender youth and how systemic discrimination affects their daily lives.

“Young transgender and gender nonbinary leaders from across the country will share stories about the impact that state-level anti-transgender legislation has had on their wellbeing, their experiences of multiple, intersecting forms of discrimination, and best practices for advancing acceptance and equality for transgender people,” the White House said.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Rachel Levine, and Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke will join Psaki along with transgender athletes and elected officials.

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