Nike fanned the flames of the crazy Left and may pay the price as a result.


Jazz Lyles, a former engineering contractor with Nike, is suing the far-left corporation for $1.1 million for being “misgendered” by their co-workers.

Lyles, who was born a female before undergoing a transition of sorts, demands compensation because co-workers would not use the preferred pronouns of “they, them, and their.”

“The lawsuit, filed this week in Multnomah County Circuit Court, alleges Nike … exposed Lyles to gender identity-based discrimination and harassment and retaliation,” Willamette Week reported last Tuesday. “Lyles identifies as transmasculine/nonbinary. That means Lyles was assigned the female gender at birth but identifies with masculinity and is a nonbinary person.”

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The lawsuit contains a great deal of “woke” gobbledygook, and represents the latest encroachment upon civil society by a deranged LGBT activist.

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