“Chicano Park” car meetups criticized by wealthy citizens who just moved into town

Source: Kelen McBreen

Affluent residents living in recently-built condos on the historic East Side of Austin, Texas are complaining about some of the city’s minority citizens hosting weekend car club gatherings.

A new Texas Monthly piece titled, “They Just Moved Into an Austin Neighborhood. Now They Want to End One of Its Traditions,” focuses on the newcomers trying to ruin the fun for native Austinites.

The author describes the scene at one of the car meetups, as dozens of cars full of mostly “Black and Latino men in their twenties and thirties driving customized lowriders, bright, candy-colored slabs, and jacked-up trucks with flashy chrome rims—packed into a nearby middle school parking lot.”

Soon, barbecue grills were getting hot and beers were being cracked open as kids and families mingled with Texas hip-hop and Tejano music blasting in the background.

Members of the community have been engaging in events like this for decades, but the mass influx of trendy leftists is now creating tension.

Specifically, residents of a new luxury high-rise apartment called The Weaver that was built right across the street from the parking lot long used for the car club meetings are upset.

Texas Monthly quotes a “white woman with short blond hair who appeared to be in her fifties” and lives in The Weaver as saying, “Smoke from the tires was killing nearby trees and that traffic from the gathering would make it impossible for an ambulance to reach her in the event of a medical emergency.”

A second resident of the building thinks the car club members are engaged in a “display of toxic masculinity.”

One person living at the new apartments thinks police “should shut this thing down,” and another allegedly flagged down police at one point to have them stop the “scary” get-together.

It’s ironic to hear bout prosperous tech workers and California transplants engaging in gentrification complain about the culture of the area they are helping destroy.

A car club member couldn’t understand why people would jump to calling the police before first trying to talk with the group, saying, “If you come with good energy, you’ll find out that we’re just here to chill and enjoy the cars and the scenery. Don’t be scared.”

One thing not addressed in the Texas Monthly article was COVID-19, social distancing and masking.

As a resident of Austin, Texas the author can confirm the majority of the car club members are not wearing masks while hanging out in the parking lot.

Surely, this triggers some of the left-leaning residents of The Weaver who are always ready to tattle on anyone not bowing to COVID fearmongering.

Democrats truly want to destroy every sliver of fun remaining in the day-to-day lives of Americans.