Bad news for Aussies – deaths appear to be spiking on continent down under where most are vaccinated and boosted.Similar unnerving pattern has also been documented in Western European countries.

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

Data shows deaths in Australia are on the rise, however the timing in close proximity to the government’s mass mRNA vaccination campaign is suspicious, says one researcher.

The concerning trend was highlighted by vaccine data researcher Alex Berenson, who made the case for the experimental jabs possibly being behind the deaths on his Substack Unreported Truths Monday.

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Firstly, the federal government reported late last month the whole of Australia has seen a 21 percent uptick in overall deaths this year.

“Even excluding Covid deaths, deaths were more than 10 percent above normal,” the former New York Times reporter and author adds.

Secondly, stats out of the Australian state of Victoria, which reportedly has fresher data than the federal government according to Berenson, have also shown a 27 percent increase in deaths compared to 2020 and 2021.

The pattern is troubling, Berenson says, because Australia had no meaningful rise in deaths during the Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021; however, the country is considered to be among the most vaccinated places in the world.

Australians eagerly accepted Covid vaccinations and are vaccinated at rates significantly higher than Americans. 95 percent of people 16 and over in New South Wales, the country’s largest state, have been vaccinated. 64 percent have been boosted.”

Additionally, the majority of deaths do not appear to be cardiac events or cancer-related, but instead are attributed to diabetes and dementia, “both almost 30 percent above normal,” Berenson writes.

“Reports in scientific journals and in the federal VAERS database have highlighted cases of severe diabetic dysregulation following the mRNA shots. Anecdotal stories of elderly people suffering rapid mental deterioration, especially after a second or booster shot, are also common,” Berenson notes, citing a research study titled, “Severe Diabetic Ketoacidosis After the Second Dose of mRNA-1273 COVID-19 Vaccine.”

Despite no discernible rise in Covid deaths during the pandemic years, Covid deaths this year have increased and are “reaching levels far higher than they were before Australia began [getting] vaccinated.”

The alarming trend should be cause for concern in Australia as “for the first time since Covid began, Australia now has significantly more daily deaths than the United States on a per-capita basis,” Berenson points out.

“Australia now has reported the equivalent of about 125,000 American Covid deaths, and the vast majority have happened this year,” he writes.

And here’s the kicker: “…of 41 people admitted to intensive care units, only two were known to be unvaccinated.”

Berenson last week documented a similar unnerving pattern emerging in Western European countries, where all-cause mortality is spiking mostly among the elderly roughly three months after the latest booster campaign.

The increase includes some Covid deaths but is not limited to them. Several countries now have death rates more than 15 percent above normal, an extremely unusual event – especially since demographers expected death rates to fall as Covid eased.

The spike last fall came a few months after near-universal Covid vaccinations. This spring’s rise comes on the heels of third-shot “booster” mRNA jabs that were far more common in Europe than the United States.

Notably, while last fall’s increase encompassed adults of all ages, this one is taking place mostly in the elderly, who were the focus of the booster campaign.

For Berenson, it’s clear: “…mass Covid vaccination campaigns begin, and months later all-cause mortality follows,” but when will the rest of the world wake up and take notice?