Source: Dan Lyman

A highway in Germany was shut down after a tractor-trailer slammed into U.S. Army vehicles, according to reports.

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The wreck unfolded on Monday on the A3 autobahn between Parsberg and Velburg in Bavaria.Release the warrior in you by capitalizing on hot deals you won’t find anywhere else!

Three U.S. military vehicles, including two fuel tankers, had pulled onto the shoulder after becoming separated from a larger convoy.

Shortly after, a semi truck hauling wood chips reportedly slammed into the caravan, sparking a major fire.

“It was not the 2,500 liters of jet fuel that were burning in the U.S. Army vehicles, but the wood chips that the truck had loaded,” police told BILD.

Rescue crews were unable to pull the driver from his truck, and it is believed he perished inside.

“Three US vehicles were traveling from Hohenfels on the autobahn towards Grafenwöhr. Because they were separated from their escort vehicles, they waited on the edge of the road,” an Army spokesman explained.

“That was where the crash occurred. All three U.S. vehicles are total losses. We’re lucky: there are no U.S. personnel among the injured. Eight soldiers were sent to the hospital for preventive medical check-ups.”

Authorities believe the crash was accidental and not an attack, but say the Army could be at fault due to violations of German traffic regulations.

“It is not legal to stay on the hard shoulder without a breakdown. Waiting is not a valid reason,” a police spokesman said.

The autobahn was blocked in both directions as emergency crews worked to remove fuel and clear debris.