Black Voters Have a POWERFUL Message For Hillary Clinton!

Source: Brian Noland

African Americans as a voting bloc have been completely owned by the Democrat party.  It has long been considered an immutable fact that Republicans, regardless whether or not their policies were in fact something African Americans wanted or needed, were never going to break through the Democrat stranglehold. Republicans tried in vain for 60 years to recapture a voting bloc that they had lost due to a combination of bad optics and poor decisions.  Then came President Trump.

Admittedly Trump didn’t win the African American vote in 2016, nor did he really fare any better than his Republican candidate predecessors for President.  African Americans sided with Hillary Clinton by a 91% margin.  Arguably Trump didn’t need the African American vote in 2016.  The difference between Trump and folks like Mitt Romney, John McCain, and even the last Republican presidential winner George W. Bush was that Trump made an effort to court these voters with a level of earnestness not seen in a Republican President in the modern era.

I have to believe that Trump knew it wouldn’t be an easy process.  Being a businessman, he had to know it was a hard sale.  You had an entrenched demographic staunchly opposed to him based merely on his party affiliation and his appearance.  Perhaps Trump reasoned that his good relationships with many prominent African American figures in the 1990s, people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others, would give him some credibility.  Yet even Trump had to know voting blocs in the United States don’t usually shift a great deal, particularly ones along racial lines. But a curious thing happened.  Trump went to rallies and talked to African Americans directly, pointing out that they had remained loyal to a Democrat party for 60 years that had promised them an end to poverty, yet their neighborhoods were plagued with high crime, poor job prospects, and single motherhood rates over 70%.  They had promised to help the blighted inner cities, but they were more crime-ridden than ever before.  Chicago became Chi-raq under the Democrat watch.  Trump famously asked, what did they have to lose?

Of course, all this could have been written off as election rhetoric.  Pretty words that make folks feel good with little action to back them up.  However, Trump did back them up.  He passed criminal justice reform, something the African American community had wanted for years to help with mass incarceration.  He reduced African American unemployment to its lowest percentage ever.  Wages were increasing, entrepreneurs were thriving. Trump’s border policies had drastically reduced the influx of illegal immigration, which helped unskilled labor workers see wage increases, something that affects the African American community by a significant margin.  The voting bloc that had thrown their lots in with the Democrats for decades was seeing more attention from a Republican whom they didn’t even vote for than any of their elected leaders had shown them.  Of course, the Democratic response to this was to pull out the tried and true “racist” smear and label Trump the second coming of Jefferson Davis, George Wallace, and David Duke all rolled into one.  They pushed fake hate crime narratives, tried to claim Trump was associated with white supremacists, despite Democrats in the 1990s absolutely loving the man and claiming he saved New York with his investments in the city.

The other factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is Trump’s endorsement of the #Blexit movement. Trump invited Kanye West to the White House, and gave legitimacy to #Blexit leaders such as Candace Owens, Anthony Brian Logan, and Rob Smith.  Suddenly these YouTube commentators were contributing on Fox News and Reuters.  While the left has tried to write off #Blexit as a small minority of “Uncle Toms” and race traitors who broke away from the thought planation, their message has only grown over the years of Trump’s first term.

These developments have been terrifying to a left that needs the African American vote to remain exactly where it is, docile and controlled on their thought plantation.  It’s no secret that African Americans are the key to the “coalition” strategy popularized during Obama’s administration.  They wanted the African American voting bloc to keep blindly voting Democrat while they import millions of illegal immigrants, give those illegals voting rights, hook them all up to government benefits, and never lose power again. 

The most recent events in Democrat cities have shown exactly how dumb the Democrat party thinks African Americans truly are.  They thought blacks would be for defunding the police while rioting and looting takes place across major cities in the country.  They thought they would just blindly blame Trump for the unrest without realizing these are Democrat mayors with Democrat governors openly refusing federal aid from Trump, while refusing to prosecute or even arrest rioters terrorizing their cities.  They thought the African American voting bloc would never question the left’s fanatical stances on abortion, something that has never sat well with African Americans, who tend to be more religious than other voting blocs.

The result has been truly mind-blowing poll results showing Trump may in fact be looking at taking 30% of the African American vote.  While this is certainly not a majority, it would be utterly devastating to Democrats, and almost assuredly guarantee a re-election for Donald Trump.  People are wondering how this dramatic shift has occurred, and the answer is not a simple one.  But I would wager a lot of it has to do with Trump putting in the effort in 2016 and playing the long game to garner a grassroots movement inside the African American voting bloc to possibly give him his greatest electoral victory in 2020.