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Donald Trump was placed under arrest by U.S. Marshals after entering federal court with his loyal aide Walt Nauta Tuesday afternoon in Miami. 

The former president’s motorcade left Trump National Doral Miami and took off on the journey downtown where a crowd of protesters and supporters were ready to greet him. 

A short time later the motorcade went underneath the court, where Trump will be processed and fingerprinted before he has the 37 charges read to him.

He gave a brief wave to a group of supporters lined up outside his golf course before the stream of black SUVs and cop cars began their procession along empty highways.

Walt Nauta, the loyal aide who prosecutors say helped Trump move documents around Mar-a-Lago, was in the motorcade with him awaiting his own appearance in front of the judge. 

During the drive, Trump shared his fury with a Truth Social post saying: ‘ON MY WAY TO COURTHOUSE. WITCH HUNT!!! MAGA.’

The 76-year-old is facing 37 federal charges related to his handling of classified documents that included U.S. nuclear secrets and intelligence on foreign countries.

The allegations were revealed in the bombshell federal indictment unsealed on Friday – and included photos of boxes of sensitive files scattered around Mar-a-Lago.

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His supporters and protesters started swarming the courthouse on Tuesday morning, waiting for his showdown with a judge.

Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy called on all presidential candidates to vow they would pardon Trump during a press conference outside.

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