BURLINGTON, VERMONT - MARCH 04: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) pauses during a news briefing at his campaign office March 4, 2020 in Burlington, Vermont. Sen. Sanders discussed various topics including the differences between his and former Vice President Joe Biden’s agenda, after Biden’s victories on Super Tuesday.

Source: Daily Wire News

President Donald Trump highlighted in an interview on Wednesday night the way that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders handled losing to Hillary Clinton in 2016, and suggested that he may be getting ready to do the same thing with Joe Biden.

When asked if Biden was going to be the Democrats’ nominee, Trump answered, “I think they will do anything to assume power. And if they think he can do better than Bernie – and I guess they have less control over Bernie – Bernie is more for himself.”

“But I was surprised, when Bernie got beaten up last time, that he went out and endorsed Hillary and went around and did like a good puppy, like he’s supposed to do,” Trump continued. “I was a little surprised at that.”

“And, even this time, he was saying about how wonderful – Joe Biden’s a wonderful guy, wonderful man,” Trump concluded. “And I’m a little bit surprised by – it’s almost like he’s – I don’t know if he’s admitting defeat. He might be. But I watched him yesterday saying – or just a little while ago, saying very good things about sleepy Joe Biden. And I was a little bit surprised.”