“First comes the tanks, and then comes the nukes,” warned the 2024 presidential candidate and former POTUS

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

Donald Trump posted two videos to his Truth Social platform on Thursday advocating for peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia before the world slips into a nuclear WWIII.

“The situation in Ukraine is very dangerous, explosive, and escalating by the day,” he said. “Joe Biden’s weakness and incompetence have brought us to the brink of nuclear war and now Biden is doing what he said ten months ago would lead to World War Three. He is sending in American tanks.”


Trump urged “all parties involved” to work towards peace before the “already horrific catastrophe” leads to WWIII.

“And this would be a war like no other war because this would be a nuclear war,” he warned.

The former president said the war would never have started under his watch and that it “would be easy” to negotiate a peace deal.

In a second video, Trump told the American people “a major disaster is brewing” regarding the Ukraine war and again suggested nuclear war could soon break out.

“First comes to the tanks, then comes to the nukes. Get this crazy war ended now! It can be done and in fact it’s easy to get done. When I’m president we will be a strong country again, people will never be playing these games like they’ve been doing to the United States of America,” he stated.

The 2024 presidential candidate is one of the only major political figures pushing for peace as most global leaders seem to be blindly walking into WWIII.