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Former President Donald Trump’s campaign has experienced a significant boost, amassing $7.1 million in funds following his surrender into custody at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. The surrender came after an indictment named him and 18 others in a comprehensive 98-page, 41-count indictment. This marked a pivotal moment as Trump was photographed for a mugshot, a unique occurrence in his current string of four criminal cases.

Breaking a two-year Twitter silence, Trump resurfaced with a post showcasing his mugshot. The post included a link directing supporters to contribute to his campaign. The page stressed that those adversely affected by the country’s current leadership need not donate, but those able were urged to aid in “evict[ing] Crooked Joe Biden from the White House” and salvaging the nation from its current challenges. Capitalizing on the situation, Trump’s campaign capitalized on merchandise, featuring the mugshot with the caption “NEVER SURRENDER!”

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Remarkably, Friday emerged as a pinnacle in Trump’s campaign fundraising efforts, generating a staggering $4.18 million in donations. Trump advisor Steven Cheung reported this success. In conclusion, former President Trump’s campaign has encountered a substantial windfall of $7.1 million due to his legal entanglements related to the Fulton County indictment.

The mugshot release and strategic use of social media, combined with merchandise sales, have ignited fervent fundraising, culminating in a remarkable single-day collection of $4.18 million. This flurry of financial support underscores the enduring loyalty and backing Trump commands within his supporter base.