Posted BY: John Green

Now that Donald Trump has been indicted, the left will get its mug shot and a month-long orgy of barking media hate.  But the Republicans are already coming to Trump’s defense.  Alvin Bragg did what the party has been unable to do: seal the cracks threatening party unity.  He convinced patriots that our fight is not about Donald Trump.  It’s for our continued freedom.  Bragg simply made Trump the cause to rally around.

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Donald Trump will likely be the next Republican nominee for president — something I sincerely welcome. Now it’s time for us to get our heads in the game. We need Trump to win, but the next election will not be a cakewalk. The Donald must win bigger than he has ever won before. His victory must be outside the margin of fraud — and the margin of fraud has gotten awfully big since 2020.

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