Posted BY: Brian C. Joondeph

As election day, November 8, is turning into election week or month, the outcomes are being dissected through the lens of the 2024 presidential election. What looked like a red wave initially is turning out otherwise as several swing states, perhaps after discovering on election day that their preferred Democrat candidate lost, delayed releasing any official results until they could “recount” the ballots or “find” additional ballots to put their preferred candidate in the lead. Interestingly, these delays only seem to favor Democrat candidates.

This is a repeat of 2020, and the feckless GOP leadership appears to have learned nothing over the past two years, or else they prefer to remain in minority status.

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Florida was a major success with Governor Ron DeSantis winning bigly, along with Senator Marco Rubio. DeSantis should be the role model for the other 25 or so Republican governors, as he gave a master class in handling COVID prudently, based on science rather than hype, and punched back hard against the woke leftist culture infecting the rest of the country.

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