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Former President Donald Trump engaged in a lengthy and confrontational exchange with NBC News’ new ‘Meet the Press’ moderator, Kristen Welker, at his Bedminster, New Jersey residence. The conversation covered a wide array of topics, including his legal issues, involvement in the events of January 6th, and dissemination of misinformation regarding the 2020 election.

Throughout the interview, Trump displayed flexibility on key issues such as abortion, the Ukraine conflict, interest rates, and the impeachment efforts against President Joe Biden by his party. Despite this, the former president remained steadfast in his confrontational stance.

When questioned by Welker about whether he worries about going to jail, Trump responded confidently, stating that he doesn’t think about it and attributed his resilience to being “built differently.” He characterized the prosecutions against him as politically motivated and compared them to actions seen in Banana Republics or Third World countries.

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Trump also took the opportunity to criticize President Biden, accusing him of telling numerous lies in recent weeks, particularly regarding his past experiences.

Regarding the possibility of self-pardon, Trump mentioned that he had decided against issuing one before leaving office in January 2021. However, when pressed on whether he might consider it if he wins a future election, he did not definitively rule it out.

The interview also touched on the election results, with Welker asking if Trump acknowledged not winning. Trump firmly maintained that he believes he won the election.

In conclusion, the interview with Donald Trump provided insight into his ongoing legal battles, his perspective on the political landscape, and his confidence in his own resilience. It highlighted his determination to continue his political endeavors despite facing legal challenges.