Source: Kyle Becker

Donald Trump is a man on a mission for the upcoming 2022 midterms – and neither Democrats nor Never Trumpers are going to stop him.

The 45th President is reprising his role as ‘kingmaker’ for primary races to ensure the Republican candidates are ‘America First.’ He is also backing worthy conservative candidates to make sure that radical Democrats like Virginia governor wannabe Terry McAuliffe stay out of elected office.

The former president was recently interviewed by Fox News in an exclusive look at his plans for the upcoming battle to retake the House and Senate.

Trump told Fox News that he aims to be “very involved” in the 2022 midterms and will “stay busy for good people.” Trump recently endorsed successful candidates like Virginia’s Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, Ohio special election winner and future House Rep. Mike Carey, and even Staten Island Borough president candidate Vito Fossella.

“A congressional seat in Ohio, where he had a tough primary and won by a lot after my endorsement,” Trump said, referring to Mike Carey’s victory.

“We had Youngkin, and we had another one that was a very good victory,” Trump added.

“The borough president of Staten Island—that was the big one—I mean, a little different than federal, but the borough president. Vito Fossella won—he won the primary where he wasn’t scheduled to do it,” Trump said. “His opponent had every endorsement, but he didn’t have mine. Vito ended up winning.” Advertisements

“It’s very interesting, because, I’ll support people that most people would say, why did you get involved there?” Trump said.

Trump also had a warning for Republican and Democratic candidates that are brazenly working to take away the rights and freedoms of Americans.

“I’ll not only be supportive,” Trump explained. “I’ll be very non-supportive of some people. So, you’ll see that there, and you’ll see that in other states too.”

“I’ll stay busy for good people,” he said. “Not for bad people.”

It is amazing what Donald Trump has accomplished despite the Democratic Party, the Deep State and the U.S. mainstream media colluding to end his influence in American politics.

Radical Democrats abandoned all legality and morality in an unhinged five-year-long crusade to savagely destroy one U.S. politician: Donald Trump.

The Russia hoax, campaign spying, Mueller probe, endless investigations, partisan Jan. 6 committee, lies, smears and two impeachment trials.

Despite all that, Donald Trump is still standing. He is still a force to be reckoned with in U.S. politics.