Source: Jim Hoft

The Drudge Report reign is over.

In May 2017 at his peak, the Drudge Report had over one billion views!

The Drudge Report once boasted over one billion pageviews a month.

In July 2019 the Drudge Report dropped below 800,000,000 views.

That’s a drop of 200,000,000 million monthly readers!

The Drudge Report traffic has been sinking ever since.

According to the SGT Report — The loss of readers for Drudge since Septemeber 2019 is staggering… That massive and accelerated slide went from approximately 93 million visits in September 2019 to 63 million in September 2020.

Now the latest number of 63 million, down from 85 million in March.

The Drudge Report is now trailing as the largest conservative website in America today.