Posted BY: John Green

We have a close family friend who voted for Joe Biden. Yup, she’s really a friend — proving that we semi-fascist conservatives are more tolerant than members of the coexistence party. We’ll call her Pat. She voted for gropey Joe even though she disagrees with almost all the radicalism he and the Democrats are pushing. Her reasoning is quite simple. She refused to vote for Donald Trump because he was too personally offensive to her.

Pat is no puritan. She’s made her share of bad choices in life and doesn’t hold the occasional mistake against the Donald. But she just can’t get past his personality. The bragging, exaggerating, and unwarranted personal attacks are more than she’s willing to tolerate. Of course, it doesn’t help that Trump won’t do anything to dispel his image as a juvenile schoolyard bully. Did you hear he just called a reporter an unattractive whackjob who’s dumb as a rock because he didn’t like her report about Jared Kushner?

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So, Pat has her reasons — which make perfect sense to her. But that level of Trump hatred does come with a price tag. It didn’t take long to realize that the Trump alternative — Joe Biden — came with some hidden costs of his own, that Pat didn’t know about. Now that we’re two years into his presidency, we can actually quantify some of those costs.

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