Source: Raheem J. Kassam

Speaking at his Mar-a-Lago club on Saturday night, former President Donald J. Trump caused a stir by referring to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as “a fucking idiot.”

Trump recalled an Afghanistan conversation with Milley, America’s highest-ranking military official:

“Sir, sir. It’s cheaper to leave the equipment [in Afghanistan] than to bring it,” was the advice from Milley.

“You think it’s cheaper to leave it there so they can have it than to fill it up with half a tank…?” Trump questioned. “That’s when I realized he was a fucking idiot.”

But is General Milley really a fucking idiot?

All signs point to “yes”. Here are some examples.


Unable to convince his predecessor of the need to leave billions of dollars of U.S. equipment in the hands of the Taliban, Milley continued the feckless advice into the Biden Oval Office. Of course, Biden obliged, leaving behind not just the equipment, but American citizens, too.

Today, nearly 100 days after the so-called final withdrawal of the U.S. from Afghanistan, there are still hundreds of Americans in the country, unable to leave.

But the botched plot hasn’t been the only indicator of Milley being a fucking idiot.


Take the disgraced General’s insistence in usurping the formal chain-of-command and colluding with the Chinese Communist Party as a prime example. Yes, that actually happened, as Milley himself boasted in Bob Woodward and Bob Costa’s book ‘Peril‘, which begins:

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