Source:  Joe Hoft

In 2012, then citizen Donald Trump prepared a parody video of himself firing President Obama for his horrible job during Obama’s first term. 

The parody video was never aired by the RNC.  Here it is for your enjoyment.

President Trump pointed out Obama’s horrible first term results in a video purportedly prepared for the 2012 RNC.

In the video citizen Trump points out Obama’s massive increase in US debt, horrible unemployment results after three and a half years, horrible health care plan and more.

It’s a brutal video of Obama and this was before Obama started spying on Candidate Trump just years later.

The future President also pointed out how China was taking advantage of the US and how Obama could not be trusted.  And then at the end of the video, the future President says this:

You’re fired.”

Unfortunately Republican candidate Romney was too weak and Obama won another term and went about destroying America with his inept Vice President Joe Biden. We are still recovering.