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A recent Wall Street Journal poll examined the “age issue” surrounding Joe Biden and President Trump. It’s evident to many Americans that Joe Biden lacks the physical and mental capacity required for the role of president. However, mainstream media, often perceived as sympathetic to Biden, refrains from reporting this reality.

Interestingly, the mainstream media has recently begun discussing Joe Biden’s age, but in a manner that indirectly attacks President Trump. While the media can report on age if it serves as a tool to criticize Trump, it has largely ignored Biden’s limitations.

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The Wall Street Journal poll showed that President Trump holds a commanding 26-point lead over Joe Biden on the issue of age, although some argue that this margin should be even more comprehensive.

President Trump didn’t take this lightly and responded to the Wall Street Journal’s findings, criticizing the publication. He also challenged Joe Biden, Rupert Murdoch, Murdoch’s left-leaning sons, and top Wall Street Journal executives to take an acuity test.

The following Monday, President Trump took it further by announcing that the mental acuity challenge would now also include a physical challenge.

This development marks a significant turn in the ongoing debate about the mental and physical fitness of the two political figures. As this story unfolds, it highlights the polarization and intense scrutiny surrounding the age and capabilities of presidential candidates. The mental and physical challenge will surely draw attention and spark discussions in the coming days.