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President Donald Trump delivered remarks to the Republican National Convention donors retreat in Nashville over the weekend, giving donors a sneak peek at what they could expect both from his candidacy and from his potential second term.

Trump focused on long-term and short-term goals when it comes to voting. He expressed his desire to secure the vote with paper ballots only, eventually. Before that can be achieved, however, Republicans must become masters of ballot harvesting. In the short term, where drop boxes cannot be eliminated, Trump insisted that we need them in every church and veteran center.

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He focused on his plans for the future, as well as the transformation of the GOP thanks to his efforts. The Republican Party is no longer the stodgy, bow-tie-wearing, party of neo-cons and fiscal conservatives. Under Trump’s direction, the Republican Party has become a forward-thinking cultural force with grassroots support from parents, and the courage to confront their far-left opponents without kowtowing to their perspectives.

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