– Quoting Fox News’s Sean Hannity late Monday night, President Trump tweeted:

“The biggest abuse of power and corruption scandal in our history, and it’s much worse than we thought. Andrew McCabe (FBI) admitted to plotting a coup (government overthrow) when he was serving in the FBI, before he was fired for lying & leaking.” @seanhannity @FoxNews Treason!

In a second tweet, Trump pointed an accusing finger at James Comey, the FBI director he fired in May 2017:

— Remember this, Andrew McCabe didn’t go to the bathroom without the approval of Leakin’ James Comey! Trump wrote.

And on Tuesday morning, the president quoted Fox News contributor Victor Davis Hanson:

–“….(The Witch Hunt) in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in American political history, marking the first occasion in which the U.S. government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election (presidential)!” Victor Davis Hanson  And got caught! @FoxNews

McCabe, now on a tour to promote his new book, told CBS News that he launched an obstruction of justice investigation and a counter-intelligence investigation into President Donald Trump the day after Trump fired Comey.


“There were a number of things that caused us to believe that we had adequate predication — or adequate reason and facts — to open the investigation,” McCabe said:

The president had been speaking in a derogatory way about our investigative efforts for weeks, describing it (the counter-intelligence investigation) as a witch hunt. Publicly undermining the effort of the investigation. The president had gone to Jim Comey and specifically asked him to discontinue the investigation of Mike Flynn, which was a part of our Russia case. The president then fired the director.

In the firing of the director, the president specifically asked Rod Rosenstein to write the memo justifying the firing and told Rod to include Russia in the memo. Rod, of course, did not do that. That was on the president’s mind. Then, the president made those public comments that you’ve referenced, both on NBC and to the Russians, which was captured in the Oval Office.

Put together, these circumstances were articulable facts that indicated that a crime may have been committed. The president may have been engaged in obstruction of justice in the firing of Jim Comey.

CBS’s Scott Pelley asked McCabe what “specifically” prompted the FBI to launch the counter-intelligence investigation into Trump:

“It’s many of those same concerns that caused us to be concerned about a national security threat. And the idea is, if the president committed obstruction of justice, fired the director of the, of the F.B.I. to negatively impact or to shut down our investigation of Russia’s malign activity and possibly in support of his campaign, as a counter-intelligence investigator, you have to ask yourself, why would a president of the United States do that?

“So all those same sorts of facts caused us to wonder, is there an inappropriate relationship, a connection between this president and our most fearsome enemy, the government of Russia?”

McCabe said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was “absolutely” in agreement with both investigations.

McCabe is scheduled to appear on a late-night comedy show, hosted by Stephen Colbert, Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Rosenstein reportedly plans to leave his job in mid-March.