“I want everyone to stop dying.”

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

Donald Trump asserted during a CNN town hall event that it is vital to ‘stop the killing’ on both sides of the Ukraine-Russia war and that he would end the conflict within 24 hours of becoming president.

During the event in New Hampshire, the 45th president was battered by a volley of questions from an antagonistic host, but came out on top.

When a student from Saint Anselm’s College asked Trump if he would pursue the same policy towards the war as the Biden administration by pouring in more money and more military equipment, Trump gave a nuanced answer.

“Here’s the thing — have to say it to start off, no longer matters — if I were president, this would have never happened, and even the Democrats admit that. Putin knew it would have never happened, and his pipeline would have never happened,” said Trump.

“And all those dead people, both Russian and Ukrainian, they wouldn’t be dead today. And all those cities that are blown up and disintegrated right to the ground, that wouldn’t have happened,” he added.

Trump also highlighted the massive gulf between the amount of money the United States had sent Ukraine compared to the European Union.

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“Now, here’s the problem, we’ve given so far $171 billion. They’ve given — they meaning [the] European Union, which is approximately the same size altogether as our economy — they’ve given about $20 [billion],” said Trump.
“So we’re at $170 and they’re at $20, you don’t have to know too much about history … or geography to realize they’re a little bit more affected than we are … so they’ve got to put up a lot more money because they’re taking advantage of us just like every other country did,” he added.
Promoting himself as the peace president, Trump went on to assert that he would “have that war settled in one day — 24 hours” upon being re-elected as president.
Asked if he wanted Ukraine or Russia to win, Trump shot back, “I want everyone to stop dying. They’re dying, Russians and Ukrainians. I want them to stop dying,” he added. “And I’ll have that done … in 24 hours, I’ll have it done. You need the power of the presidency to do it.”
Many of Trump’s statements were met with an enthusiastic response from the audience, much to CNN’s dislike.
CNN moderator Kaitlan Collins tried to pin down Trump on calling Putin a “war criminal,” but the former president refused to be moved from his main point.
“If you say he’s a war criminal, it’s going to be a lot tougher to make a deal to get this thing stopped because if he’s going to be a war criminal where people are going to grab him and execute him, he’s going fight a lot harder than under the other circumstance,” said Trump.
“That’s something to be discussed at a later date. Right now, we want to get that war settled,” he added.