Posted BY: Wayne Allyn Root

I told you so.

I’ve spent two and a half years now reporting Democrats get away with murder, while Republicans face life in prison for jaywalking.

I spent last week on my TV and radio shows, and in my syndicated newspaper column, reporting that Trump would go UP in the polls after his latest criminal indictment.

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I was right on both counts.

Trump is UP in the polls. And he faces life in prison for an offense that no one understands, no one cares about, and everyone knows is a bunch of bogus B.S. and legal mumbo-jumbo.

The latest CBS poll (after the latest indictment) puts Trump over 60% in approval. And up by almost 40 points over his nearest GOP rival Ron DeSantis. Trump is running away with the race.

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I’m betting his lead in the general election over Biden will go up as well.

Yes, I’m telling you Trump goes up each time he’s indicted. Do you know why he keeps going up? Because the American people aren’t blind, deaf, and dumb. Because we may have been born yesterday, but we weren’t born in the past 15 minutes.

Let me explain why the American people will never accept any of these charges against President Trump (whether technically it’s a crime, and he’s convicted, or not).

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