Posted BY: Frank Friday

Donald Trump is a different kind of guy and unique as a politician. Whereas it’s usually a good idea in business and politics to avoid making enemies or taking on expensive lawsuits, Trump’s family money has allowed him to indulge in both. The guy is a fighter and has been in perpetual litigation-state, federal, tax, divorce, bankruptcy, or whatever since he was a young adult.  

As I previously wrote, Trump is likely to lose the Alvin Bragg prosecution early next year, just because of some curious New York laws and legal doctrines. So too, Merrick Garland’s torpedo man, Jack Smith, is obviously working on a seditious criminal conspiracy charge against Trump. That’s why he went to such great lengths to get Mike Pence before his grand jury. The worst thing you can say about Trump on Jan. 6 is he got some bad legal advice on the role of the vice president. That’s not a crime, and I would think a federal appeals court would agree. The question is, would they intervene before or after a partisan D.C. jury convicts Trump on a sketchy legal theory? 

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But right now, Trump has his most dangerous case ever going on in New York City. The advice columnist E. Jean Carroll is suing him for an alleged rape decades ago in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room and for defamation. Normally, rape is a state criminal matter. But this being Trump, it’s somehow a civil suit in a federal court. That means no prison time is on the line, but Carrol can gain a huge money judgment, merely by winning on the preponderance of the evidence.

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