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Source: David Prentice

Psalm 133: “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for Brethren to dwell together in unity.”

I urge you to read the whole psalm.  You’ll see it expressing David’s point deeper through powerful metaphors: “Like dew on the mountains; giving the blessing of life everlasting.  Like a joyful ceremony anointing you with oil that thrills your whole being.”  This is what we want with our unity: the best.  This is a wonderful and true insight.

It’s a principle in life difficult to describe.  Most of us have experienced it to one degree or another.  Some experience it in sports; some experience it in their profession, business, faith, hobby niche, or in the life you live.  Some call it the pursuit of excellence, but it’s much more.

It can be individual, but more often than not it is in the unity of purpose between people.  Examples: a successful sports team, a business group that is greater than the individual parts.  It can be in your church or your trade group.  Excellence drives a team to be better.  Each member doing his part enhances the effort.  Good teams of people simply can make each other better, lifting each one to exceed what they might think they can do.

This is a real phenomenon; I have had the good fortune of experiencing it many times.  I have seen it in groups from all niches in our culture.  Historically, it is something you can read about in other times and cultures.

The “special unction” of great movements is paramount: they excelled, had unity of purpose, and they harnessed great life-giving principles, or something that offers great exaltation of what I am going to call our better angels — great affirmation of life that lifts the human spirit in the best of ways.  A few examples: the miraculous spread of the early Christian Church.  The miraculous founding of America, its Declaration of Independence, its Constitution, and its Bill of Rights.  The incredible story of ending slavery in England, and the subsequent ending of slavery through the Civil War in the U.S.

It’s all Psalm 133 come to life.

Where is the conservative movement in all of this?  If you ask the left, as is well known, Trump is Hitler, case closed — the problem being that there is no political imprisonment; brown-shirt violence; or actual racism, anti-Semitism, or world conquest the hard left and its media shills can point to.

Au contraire, the Trump movement has zero Hitler and a lot of greatness to it.  He has often expressed awe at the movement that won him the presidency.  He didn’t start it; it is not his.  Its principles preceded him and will outlive him.  He did, however, help unify the movement, help define a few things about it, and certainly helped it win.

Just look at who the movement’s enemies are:

– The NeverTrumps.  Such frauds, such disingenuous grifters.  Virtual parasites on the conservative movement for decades.

– The Clintons.  Power-mad.  Greedy.  Bitter.

– The Deep State.  Under the guise of “a higher loyalty,” these people lied about Russian influence, ruined the lives of innocent people, and tried to undo a fair election by colluding and using their powers illegally and immorally.  Then they covered up their own wrongdoing.

– Antifa and BLM.  Two of the most violent organizations in our history.

– The communist Chinese.  A bigger threat to real freedom cannot be found.  Just ask the citizens of Hong Kong and the displaced factory workers in the Midwest.

– The globalists.  Those who want to use American foreign policy to enrich themselves at the expense of average Americans, who tried to give everything good about America away to its enemies.

– The hard-left media.  Nuff said.

There are many more, but that’s an astonishing core group of enemies — all rotten influences and corrupt to the core.  Their enmity counts for a lot.  Being their targets means we have become effective in dealing with their ilk.  These are the enemies you can take pride in.  Unfortunately, they’re amplified too much by our hard-left media, making it impossible to see Trump’s clear accomplishments.

What he has accomplished (and stands for) is incredible.  Here in these accomplishments and aspirations are the best reasons for all Trump-supporters to be proud — happy warriors, proud of their president and proud of their movement.

The first list.

Then try this larger list.

Make America Great again.  As someone suggested, it’s not a slogan; it was an intention.  It was removing the shackles that allowed our economy to boom.  It was that high tide, lifting all boats — one great accomplishment, and one that, if re-elected, will come again.

The movement calls Americans back to the vision of Martin Luther King, where skin color won’t matter, but accomplishment and character will.  When I listen to MAGA people, I hear the invitation for all to participate.  When I see such visionaries as Candace Owens, Dennis Prager, Steve Cortes, and Brandon Straka, it warms my heart to see them triumph over the race-hustlers and those on the hard left who foment race war and division.  Now we can all walk through that door of a better, more perfect union.  For that, I am proud to be a Trump-supporter.

The creativity of the Trump team: It’s something we can all cheer.  He hasn’t always made good hires, and he hasn’t always been able to run smoothly, but it’s quite clear that his knowledge of how to get things done in the long run, despite his enemies, is one thing that sets him apart.  The genius of fixing the New York ice rink long ago is what America is experiencing with his list of accomplishments in all areas.  If something isn’t going well, the team changes direction.  If something isn’t having an excellent outcome, tweaks or wholesale changes are made to fashion the best possible outcome.

His team is genuinely a great team now — in trade, the economy, foreign policy, correct treatment and use of the military, in racial healing.

This bodes well for his second term.  We can expect the best economy and the lowest unemployment figures ever once again.  It will happen.  We can expect Antifa and its violence to be pulverized.  We can expect real racial progress to overcome the dishonesty of BLM.  Leftists underestimated the ability of capitalism and freedom to bring nonwhite people deep into the melting pot of American exceptionalism.  That nonwhite people would choose freedom, a better life, and deeper character, as most anyone will.  Frederick Douglass understood — Trump as well.

We can expect China to begin losing, as the Soviet Union once did.  We can expect the vision of space exploration to capture the hearts of Americans once again.  We can expect the creative genius of capitalism to flourish, and bring new and better things for our country, and its people.  We might even expect more Millennials to join as they see how they have been fooled by the left.

The best is yet to come.  And it won’t just be the happy few (Shakespeare) who will rejoice.  It will be the walk-aways, the liberals who saw the truth, the conservatives who likewise changed direction to bring back freedom.  It will be the libertarians who understood the threat from the hard left, and that Trump would allow liberty they can cherish.  It will be the entire “movement,” happy warriors all.

Bring on the second term.  Sweep out the hard left.  Fight as though the next generation is at stake — because it is.