Carlson added that ex-FBI assistant director Frank Figliuzzi is a ‘stooge’ whose critiques beget a ‘totalitarian way to think’.

Source: Fox News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson responded Friday on “Fox News Primetime” to criticism after his revelation the National Security Agency had reportedly “unmasked” his name in communications that purportedly sought an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this year.

Earlier Friday, former FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissmann – the top deputy in ex-Director Robert S. Mueller III’s special counsel investigation into whether Donald Trump colluded with the Kremlin in 2016 – claimed on MSNBC that Carlson is behaving in an “anti-American” manner and is undermining civilians’ trust in the national security state and federal institutions with his claims about the NSA:

“What I’m concerned about here is not that there was incidental collection when I am calling a foreigner … if you try to reach out to Vladimir Putin, you can pretty much be sure that your going to be high risk of being intercepted – [but Carlson] could have said, look, there is a First Amendment issue here and I want to make sure that there are safeguards at the Department of Justice,” Weissmann said Friday.

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