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How would we respond if Putin had a spy satellite over the United States? That’s the question Tucker Carlson posed on Friday night, and his answer was the obvious one.

“Well, you’d have the world’s shortest news story!” Because the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA Democrats would blow a Russian spy balloon out of the sky. Of course. And rightly so!

“But things turn out to be a little different when it’s a Chinese spy balloon,” he said.

“As far as we know Vladimir Putin has never sent cash to Joe Biden’s crackhead son. He probably should have! That would have been a very investment, in retrospect,” said Tucker. “The Chinese government, long-thinking as always, did send cash to Biden’s crackhead son. And apparently to Joe Biden himself. And that paid off.”

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That Pentagon “the public certainly has the ability to look up at the sky” jackass really chaps your hide, don’t he?

“It’s not like the Chinese invaded Ukraine, just our country, so no big deal.”