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Tucker Carlson sparked controversy with a provocative attack on Barack Obama during his second Twitter show, urging Americans to hold onto their societal norms and values.

According to, the former Fox News host gained massive attention, accumulating millions of views within a day, after sharing a 13-minute monologue on Thursday night. In his address, Carlson made the inflammatory assertion that white supremacy is merely an “unpopular opinion.”

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During his monologue, Carlson made a claim about former President Obama’s personal life, describing it as “strange and highly creepy.” He also delved into the topic of Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs, highlighting how adultery was once viewed as disqualifying for those seeking higher office.

The video shared by Carlson gained significant traction, accumulating over 500,000 retweets and likes combined. By 1:30 pm on Friday, Twitter registered the clip as “seen” 41.8 million times. However, it’s important to note that this number includes individuals who may have been shown the tweet but not necessarily watched the video.

The substantial numbers likely affirm Carlson’s belief that choosing Elon Musk’s Twitter as his post-Fox career platform was a wise decision. In comparison, his former show, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ on Fox News, the highest-rated cable news program, averaged around 3.1 million nightly viewers.

He suggested that modern America is becoming less critical of child abuse, contrasting it with an “old system” where child molestation was considered a crime while holding unfashionable opinions was not.

In his first episode, Carlson criticized Western support for Ukraine and accused news outlets of disregarding claims made by a whistleblower regarding UFOs. This episode garnered 110.4 million views by Friday, with 80 million views within the first 24 hours, prompting conservative commentators to celebrate its impact on breaking the media matrix.