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J. Robert Smith

If you never watched the brilliant German movie, Downfall, do so.  It stars the late Bruno Ganz, whose portrayal of Adolf Hitler during his last days in his Berlin bunker was powerfully chilling.  Hitler was a psychopath, whose unshakable certitude and will were central to driving National Socialism’s capture of the German people.  Both were also central to the numbing devastation that Hitler’s hubris brought to Germans in the end.      

Seeing the movie again, and having read various accounts of Hitler’s and the Nazi’s rise and fall, I’m left with two key takeaways: at the core, National Socialism was a cult, and it was terribly evil.  No revelation the last point.  But it was a cult, characterized by pseudo-religious sensibilities — fanatically so.  Its dogma (Aryan superiority, among other tenets), trappings, the hierarchy of priests, and capstone deity, Hitler, made it an uber cult.

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Prior to being fired by Fox News, Tucker Carlson spoke to a Heritage Foundation audience.  Carlson’s remarks were seminal.  He identified the clash between traditional America and the Left as rising to an entirely new and ominous level.    

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