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Tucker Carlson, per usual, provided an original and insightful analysis of an undercovered story that should be causing Americans to question everything they thought they knew about the country.

After Project Veritas’ ‘bombshell’ video that exposed a director of research and development discussing the intentional mutation of viruses to sell more ‘vaccines,’ the corporate media did more than black out the story. Big Tech actually censored it, as Google and Youtube did with Project Veritas’ video.

The disturbing video nonetheless went viral on Elon Musk’s Twitter, which is proving to be indispensable for independent, critical reporting in the United States. The video racked up over 20 million views and prompted Pfizer to issue a weak, legalistic non-denial denial about the video. No wonder the corporate media wanted to block Musk from acquiring Twitter.

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On Thursday night’s show, Tucker Carlson devoted a substantial amount of time to Big Pharma’s bizarre grip on America. It sheds light on the dangerous corporatist capture of the U.S. government and the media’s collusion to thwart legitimate investigative journalism into the powerful elites who believe they are entitled to run America. Watch:

“How powerful exactly are the big pharmaceutical companies in this country?” Tucker asks. “Well, that’s a big question. There are a lot of ways to measure it, but here are a few ways you can measure it. In this country, Big Pharma can advertise its drugs directly to consumers and that’s a little strange if you think about it, since consumers don’t prescribe drugs, doctors do. So, why are the drugs being advertised directly to consumers?”

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