“By the way, Fox News has a significantly larger Black and a much larger Hispanic audience than NPR has, both overall and as a percentage of viewers,” Fox News host points out.

Source: NwoReport

Fox News host Tucker Carlson issued a blistering critique of National Public Radio and its “angry, barren Subaru driver” audience over its massive lurch toward all things ‘woke.’

“Everywhere in this country formally respectable organizations seem to have gone off the deep end. Have you listened to National Public Radio recently? Admittedly NPR was always a little nutty but in a familiar, non-threatening kind of way. Your average public radio station ran niche cultural programming most of the time. The Celtic music hour or a bluegrass show,” Carlson said Friday on his opening monologue of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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“NPR anchors were left-of-center, obviously, but more than anything they were self-consciously upmarket,” he continued. “They spoke in comically stilted voices designed to suggest deep erudition. You can imagine them reading a lot of Rilke in their spare time and having complicated opinions about wine. This is NPR, they would say, National Public Radio. It was all pretty amusing and easy to mock, but it was basically harmless. NPR didn’t call for violent revolution or denounce white people as demons. That did happen on some radical stations like Pacifica, but not at NPR. At NPR they were dopey, self-important liberals. The kind of dangling earrings and composting bins in their yards.”

“Not anymore. You ought to listen to NPR now. Actually, don’t listen. We pulled the transcripts for you. Keep in mind this is entirely real. All of it aired on NPR over the last few weeks.”

Carlson then played NPR clips showing the hosts pontificating about the racism of dieting, the importance of having puppets of different ethnicities in “Sesame Street”, a punk band comprised of Muslim women, and transgender allegories in the new “Matrix” film.

“If you are running a news organization, obviously one of the critical questions you have to answer upfront is how many trans allegories are there in the ‘Matrix?’ NPR is doing that,” Carlson said.

But, Carlson said, that hasn’t stopped the public broadcasting network from turning on itself, with woke employees claiming NPR fosters a culture of “white supremacy.”

“National Public Radio has been so thoroughly radicalized it’s on the verge of destroying itself from within,” Carlson explained. “Crystal Fleming, a sociologist presumably studying marginalized communities, just released this assessment of NPR’s toxic White supremacy. ‘The problem at NPR is white supremacy. That so few are saying this explicitly is telling, indeed.’”

The problem with this assertion is that 84 percent of NPR’s core audience is white.

“Here’s the deepest irony of all. This is what you will enjoy the most. NPR spends all this time attacking privileged White people. But privileged White people are NPR’s core audience. In fact, they are the only people who listen,” Carlson noted.

“We checked the audience numbers. Here’s what they are: NPR’s audience is 84 percent White. We don’t have a problem with that. We don’t hate White people and are not racist, unlike NPR. But for comparison, that’s higher than the numbers at Fox News. NPR is always claiming that Fox News is some kind of White supremacist organization.”

“By the way, Fox News has a significantly larger Black and a much larger Hispanic audience than NPR has, both overall and as a percentage of viewers,” he added.