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A stunned Tucker Carlson reacted to a story by a Daily Wire investigative reporter regarding some unorthodox hiring practices at airline JetBlue. The top-ranked Fox News host began his show by pointing out the ongoing widespread protests in China against repressive and restrictive “Zero COVID” policies, the largest against the ChiCom regime in decades.

The host also blasted a number of American public officials and corporate entities, as well as prominent people like National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, a retired U.S. Navy admiral, the NBA, and Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz.

The Daily Wire added:

Carlson claimed that greed or complicity had caused them to stay silent on China’s crackdown against its own citizens, noting that some of them had advocated for the kind of COVID policy that Xi had put into practice and a few had even praised the authoritarian regime for its approach to the pandemic.

Carlson later brought on Rosiak to discuss the case of John Perrys, a convicted felon and reported employee of JetBlue who in 2005 broke into a judge’s home and assaulted his daughter as she came out of the shower. Perrys was released in 2014 and according to the Florida Department of Corrections, he will be on felony probation until 2044.

Perry’s hiring by the airline is bizarre, Carlson asserted, because while JetBlue brought him aboard, the airline refuses to hire unvaccinated applicants citing “safety” issues.

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