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Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Monday for creating an “anarcho-tyranny” in New York City, citing the charges against a parking garage attendant who fought off a robber.

“A parking garage attendant called Moussa Diarra noticed a man peering in to parked cars looking for things to steal. Now, that’s a familiar scene in New York City,” Carlson, a co-founder of the Daily Caller News Foundation, said. “Alvin Bragg, the local Soros-funded D.A. has decided that prosecuting car burglaries is a form of white supremacy. As a result, not surprisingly, car burglaries have risen. The attendant is not white but apparently, he’s sick of watching people get robbed.”

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Carlson described how Diarra was attacked by the alleged robbers, disarmed the attacker, and was initially charged with multiple crimes, including attempted murder, that were later dismissed by Bragg.

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