Posted BY: Jasmine | NwoReport

If you’ve been anywhere near a television these past few days, you’ve doubtless seen it: As the horrifying footage from Hurricane Ian plays on the screen, a grave-voiced anchor or commentator will talk about how anthropogenic climate change is, in some way, responsible.

Except it’s not true — not by a long shot, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson said on his Thursday show. Instead, the left is using the destruction caused by the Category 4 hurricane to push its agenda and punish people who didn’t vote for its preferred candidates.

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When natural disasters such as Hurricane Ian happened, the host said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “the one thing you don’t do is immediately jump forward to score some sort of cheap and sleazy political point from it. That used to be obvious. But for the past several years it’s been clear it’s no longer obvious, at least to one political party.”

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