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A high-powered attorney who is representing Tucker Carlson said that his client will not be silenced amid speculative, anonymous reports about Carlson’s future.

In a statement to Axios, Bryan Freedman, a Hollywood-based lawyer, said that “the idea that anyone is going to silence Tucker and prevent him from speaking to his audience is beyond preposterous.” The Epoch Times has contacted his office for comment.

While Freedman’s comment was brief, it appears to be the first response Carlson has given in light of reports claiming that Fox News hasn’t actually fired Carlson and is still keeping him under contract. Carlson has not publicly addressed the matter, and a Fox News spokesperson last week didn’t comment on those reports.

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When reached for comment Sunday, a Fox News representative directed The Epoch Times to its initial news release announcing Carlson’s departure.

Carlson has only spoken out once after leaving Fox News, posting a 2-minute video in which he said that media companies “actively collude to shut down” topics that do not benefit corporations or elite members of society. He also lambasted the state of the American media landscape and claimed that few outlets are focusing on topics that actually matter to people and instead choose reports and debates that have limited impact.

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