Source: B.K. House

Tucker Carlson has been talking about the January 6th Capitol incident a lot lately. He is raising questions that no one seems capable or more accurately, willing to answer.

Tucker has asked for the identity of Ashli Babbitt’s killer, what level of involvement the FBI had in infiltrating the January 6th crowd, and why thousands of hours of footage of that day are not being released, among other things.

Last night Mr. Carlson has asked why prior to January 6- and again on January 6-, multiple requests for reinforcements from the head of the Capitol Police were denied. Tucker claims Stephen Sund who led the department, requested help prior to the event and again after the Capitol had been breached. All requests made by Sund to the Seargent At Arms were denied and Tucker asks why.

Mr. Carlson says that 6 months after the event, no one knows why the requests for backup were denied: “Nancy Pelosi knows why it happened, she can tell us why it happened if she felt like it,” he said, adding, “the Sergeant At Arms reports directly to Nancy Pelosi, she’s the Speaker of The House and yet repeatedly Pelosi  has worked to stop any inquiry whatsoever into the state of security at the capital on January 6.” He said, “in fact the very next day, on January 7th, Pelosi forced Steven Sund to resign from the Capitol Police.”

Tucker makes the case that Democrats have no intention of actually investigating the “riot” at the Capitol, but instead, Nancy Pelosi has turned the committee into “an instrument of cover-up” as she banned two Republican members from the committee; Jim Jordan (R-Oh) and Jim Banks (R-IN). Tucker claims she booted them from the committee because they are most likely to ask questions about the 6th that Pelosi doesn’t want to discuss.

Tucker’s opening statement says it all:

Tucker says Nancy Pelosi will call a Capitol Police officer named Harry Dunn to testify, saying, “Dunn will pretend to speak for the country’s law enforcement community.”


“Leave it to whites to tell blacks what is racist.”

Carlson asserts Dunn has very little in common with your average cop calling him an “angry leftwing political activist” whose social media page is full of praise for Nancy Pelosi. He even has a picture of himself with the lame-duck speaker.

Mr. Dunn clearly harbors resentment for America, and fears no reprisal for posting his disdain on social media:

Dunn’s attorney’s didn’t like it when Carlson accurately revealed him as a partisan, left-wing activist, and tweeted out a scathing letter attacking the conservative talk show host. The last line of which is so ludicrous in its dishonesty, that it destroys the credibility of everything that came before it: