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A couple and their son have been pulled from beneath the rubble on the 13th day of rescue operations following the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. The child later died. 

The three were extracted from under their apartment building in Antakya, the capital of Hatay province, and transferred to ambulances after spending 296 hours buried under the debris.

The state-run Anadolu news agency identified them as Samir Muhammed Accar, 49, his wife Ragda, 40, and their 12-year-old son. The boy later died in the hospital.

The bodies of two other children were also found in the rubble, reports said, quoting a member of a Kyrgyz rescue team.

More than 45,000 people have now been killed following last week’s earthquake, and the toll is expected to soar with around 264,000 apartments in Turkey destroyed and many still missing in the country’s worst modern disaster.

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