Free speech at Twitter appears to be selectively enforced by new CEO Elon Musk despite the claim he wants to restore First Amendment to the platform.

Posted BY: Jamie White

A bizarre video out of Ukraine circulating Twitter shows the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion performing pagan “blood and soil” rituals to herald war with Russia.

Meanwhile, Ye was banned on the platform for sharing an image of a hexagram intertwined with a right-facing swastika, a religious unification symbol by the Raelian Movement.

The ritual from 2017 involves Azov soldiers cutting open their flesh, jumping into a pit in the ground and rubbing their blood into the soil to honor Perun, the Slavic god of thunder and sky, before erecting a totem pole into the pit.

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A screenshot of the ritual shows tattoos of a swastika and Sonnenrad – a Nazi occult symbol – on one soldier’s arm.

“Blood and soil” is a nationalist slogan denoting Nazi Germany’s ideal of a racially defined nation-state.

The neo-Nazi militia appears free to perform pagan blood rituals, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky this week chose to ban the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Ye had tweeted out an image of the Raelian symbol and the phrase “YE24 Love Everyone #LoveSpeech,” suggesting his intention of the symbol was unification, represented by the swastika, commonly known as the Nazi logo, inside the Star of David.

The Raelian symbol simply represents infinite space and time, but Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk interpreted it as an “incitement to violence” and permanently suspended Ye’s account.

Why are pro-war pagan blood rituals allowed on Twitter, but Ye is banned for sharing a symbol in the spirit of unity?

Watch the full Azov Battalion propaganda: